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Kinky chat no register 6 Sites All Parents Should Add to Their Block List TodayAdvertisementIf youre a parent you will no doubt be aware of the dangers of giving your child unfettered access to the web. Whether its adult entertainment gore or gambling theres a nearendless number of sites that your children shouldnt be seeing.Even stuff that appears innocent can still be a minefield the new YouTube Kids appYouTube Kids Tries to Make Parents Lives EasierYouTube Kids Tries to Make Parents Lives Easier YouTube is making a few changes to the YouTube Kids app. All of which are designed to help make parents lives easier. Read More was recently criticized for letting unsuitable content leak through its filters.In December 2017 the BBC uncovered another shocking story. Sites such as Omegle and Periscope which kids often use for live streaming are being used by groomers and pedophiles in attempt to lure the unsuspecting children.In light of this news were going to take a look at six seeminglyinnocent sites that every parent needs to add to their block list today.1. PeriscopeLive streaming sites are incredibly popular right now and perhaps none more so than Periscope. It has 1.9 million active daily users has streamed more than 200 million broadcasts and sees 350000 hours of footage recorded every day.Its particularly popular among young adults and teenagers. Indeed 32 percent of its userbase is 21 years old or younger.In mid2017 a BBC investigation found children as young as nine were

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How to use stayfree nude photos Not too long ago I took the plunge into the world of OctoPrint by shoehorning a Raspberry Pi Zero into a PrintrBot Play and I have to say the results were quite impressive. OctoPrint allows you to run your 3D printer untethered from your computer but without all the downsides of printing off of an SD card. Generally running off of a Raspberry Pi OctoPrint serves up a very capable web interface that gives you full control over slicing and printing from essentially any device with a modern browser.Thats all well and good if youve got your laptop with you or youre sitting at your desktop. But what if youre out of the house Or maybe out in the garage where you dont have a computer setup OctoPrint is still happily serving up status information and a control interface you just dont have a computer to access it. Luckily there are options for just that scenario.In this post were going to ta

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